Start Time : Sunday, March 1, at 12:00AM LocalTime
End Time : Tuesday, March 31, at 11:59PM LocalTime

In the month of March, you can find and battle Giovanni, the boss of Team GO Rocket, to rescue Giovanni's Shadow Entei.

If you’ve completed your most recent set of Team GO Rocket Special Research, then you’ll have access to March’s Team GO Rocket Special Research, The Shadowy Threat Grows. This time, you’ll be tasked to defeat Team GO Rocket, its leaders, and Giovanni once more for a chance to rescue the Legendary Shadow Pokémon Entei! Be sure to finish this Special Research by the end of March.

Team GO Rocket never rests, Trainers, and neither can we! Be on the lookout for new Team GO Rocket Special Research from Professor Willow every month.


Encounter Giovanni's Shadow Entei!