Start Time : Saturday, October 17, at 11AM LocalTime
End Time : Saturday, October 17, at 5PM LocalTime

Charmander, the Lizard Pokémon, will be the featured Pokémon for October Communiy Day!

Evolve Charmeleon (the evolved form of Charmander) to get Charizard that know the Dragon-type attack Dragon Breath. Dragon Breath gives Charizard a Fast Attack that dishes out damage quickly, and the attack is super effective against Dragon-type Pokémon.


Increased Charmander Spawns
3x Catch Stardust
3-hour Incense


Event-Exclusive Field Research

Complete event-exclusive Timed Research and Field Research tasks to earn Charizard Mega Energy!


During the event you can snap an AR Photo and get photobombed by Charmander.

Community Day Box

A bundle containing an Elite Charged TM, 3 Super Incubators, 3 Star Pieces, and 30 Ultra Balls for 1280 PokéCoins will be available.

Exclusive Move - During Community Day (plus two hours after) Charmeleon evolved to Charizard will learn the Fast Attack Dragon Breath when evolved. You cannot use non-elite TMs to learn Exclusive Moves.

Exclusive Special Research Story - For USD $0.99 (or the equivalent in your local currency), you can unlock a Community Day-exclusive Special Research story—A Tale of Tails. Rewards for this story will include Charizard Mega Energy.


  • Charmander
  • Charmeleon
  • Charizard